Negola's Animal Care

6420-B Dobbin Rd.
Columbia, MD 21045



I am so grateful to Dr Negola and all of his staff for the work that they do. It is a rare thing to find a group of people that truly care and have the level of expertise that Dr Negola's hospital has - I will never take my pets anywhere else!

Jennifer H. 

Dr. Negola and his team are the very BEST!! They truly and genuinely care for my dogs’ well-being!

Loretta H. 

You guys really care for our pets like they are yours , Thanks for all your caring . Bella is very happy and healthy now .

Ben S.

Dr Negola and his staff are very knowledgable and friendly. I know my puppy is receiving the best care and at a reasonable price. Vaccines were 30% off in January....I’ve never experienced that with other vets!

Kristen D.

There's just no better veterinary care available in this area than Negola's Animal Care! Dr. Negola is the absolute best. I've followed him everywhere he's been and will continue to do so. He and his team are the best!

Christine R.

Because the whole staff I very courteous they treat my dog like their own and doctor Negola it’s just the best :) 

Carlos O. 

The entire staff is wonderful and treat my puppies great, Thanks

Alfredo R.

Dr. Negola has an excellent reputation so I was excited to learn that he has a practice in Columbia and will be able to care for my new puppy. Many years ago we took our Golden to Gaithersburg, however, the distance got to be too far to continue. 

Kristen D.

Dr. Negola performed an operation on my dog's (Luke's) knees to repair a congenital defect that prevented him from walking. Now he walks, runs and plays like any other dog and is very happy. We still take him to Dr. Negola and he gets the best care.

Michael A.

Excellent care by all of the staff, and Dr. Negola is simply the best veterinarian!

Kathryn D.

Although my Sheltie didn't fare too well from his surgery, I feel Dr. Negola did everything he could for him


Perfectly professional and loving care!

Kerina I.

Every single person we have met working there is considerate, kind, and genuinely interested in you and your pet. The Doctor is OUTSTANDING in his knowledge, and compassion for animals. I would recommend his Office to everyone owning a pet!

Cheryl R.

Dr Negola is the best veterinarian and his staff is absolutely wonderful they have the best pet side manner

Angela G.

Awesome doctor, awesome stuff. I loved it there I think mochomo found a permanently vet for him  I’m beyond thankful for everything. The surgery was successful. The doctor was extremely caring and the stuff too. Price reasonable, I’m beyond thankfu

Dulce R.

Dr. Negola and his staff are phenomenal. Not only does my pet receive the best medical care, but she also receives comfort care and is well tended to. I truly appreciate that the staff understands how much I love my dog.

Colleen S.

You took my concerns seriously instead of just saying, "Your dog is too fat"..."here's some pain pills"..."she is slowing down"..."she's an older dog"..."Oh, by the way...we have a whole new line of products in"...

Shelly M.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff and Dr. Negola treated us like family. Everyone was friendly and kind and positive! This entire facility is leagues above the other offices in the area that I've been to.

Kerina I.

Best vet, best staff, phenomenal service and commitment to my dogs well being. I recommend Dr. Negola to all my students.

Roxanne L.

Top quality care and expertise. Doc is a seasoned vet and does not do unnecessary tests. You can’t find a vet anywhere else with his experience which is the best teacher of all.

Lynn S.

Dr. Negola & his staff are outstanding. I started going there 13 years ago. Since he moved, I travel across town-can't find anyone better. He literally saved one of my dog's lives at least five times. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this practice.

Esther K.

Dr. Negola performed a thorough examination of Jedi. He explained everything in detail, found an infection I had no idea about, and diagnosed the reason for his limp in the right foreleg. Fantastic service and support staff.

Susan B.



Excellent service.





I brought my dog to Dr. Negola because another vet told me she needed Surgery to repair a torn ACL. After examining our dog, Dr. Negola advised against surgery, since the ACL is probably not torn. He gave some pain meds., and supplements to strengthen her joints and she seems just fine. I'm glad we went to see Dr. Negola! I highly recommend his practice.

Adriana J.C.




Dr. Negola is one of the finest, if not THE finest veterinarian that we have ever taken any of our many pets to over the past 50 years (and that includes vets in many states). Everything was A1 and our little kitty is looking to MORE visits





I have complete confidence in Dr. Negola and the staff.

Savitri B.




Dr. Negola and his staff genuinely care about the welfare of the animals. They are very friendly and knowledgable and we feel that our pet is well-cared for.





Absolutely love bringing our new kitten. Very clean and very friendly staff.

Jeffrey S.




Simply the best in the world! Doc reassures me ALWAYS! Would never go any where else. Thanks to the staff too all are so kind and knowledgeable . Our two rotties love the to ❤

Ann A.




Compassionate, caring and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Negola is the best!

Kathryn D.




Dr. Negola is very friendly, warm, & he genuinely cares for my dogs when they go see him either for annual exams or for other medical issues. His thoroughness is well appreciated. His support staff is excellent too.

Loretta H-M.




I needed to take Sugar, Pree and Boaz into see Dr. Negola. Dr. Negola and the entire staff there knows me and my dogs, by name, and they care what happens to them. LOVE knowing my dogs are so well treated, liked and taken care of.

Roxanne L.




Cleanest pet facility I've ever seen. Warm, knowledgable staff.

Lynn L.




I can't even say enough about the care that Dr Negola provides, he is the most caring person. If you are looking for the best of the best then he is your doctor. Thank you for taking such awsome care of Petey!

Christine B.




Doc is the Best! He has taken care of our dogs for over 15 years! Kim and the rest of the team are awesome also!

Brad S.




Dr. Negola & his staff are outstanding. I started going there 13 years ago. Since he moved, I travel across town-can't find anyone better. He literally saved one of my dog's lives at least five times. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this practice.

Esther K.