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Dr Negola cares about his community and as such, will often have promotions for his valued clients. Check back often for money saving offers!


January's Promotion


February's Promotion

As in people, plaque and tartar build up can cause everything from mild discomfort and bad breath to root abscesses, lost teeth, infections, a lowered immune system, pain, and even heart, liver, and kidney diseases. Since pets often don’t show you outward signs of pain, you might not even know your pet is suffering!

If it has been more than six months since your pet has had a dental, it’s time to check his/her teeth.  Not sure if a dental is needed? Our technicians happily check his/her teeth free of charge during February to determine if veterinary dental services are needed then.

Call and schedule your free technician dental exam today!   If your pet needs dental scaling and polishing, we will give you 10 PERCENT OFF the entire procedure. Combined with our regular 20 percent discount, that’s a TOTAL SAVINGS OF 30 PERCENT.

This coupon is good for one complimentary physical examination for one pet. All other services needed, recommended, or requested must be paid for in full at time of discharge. 

Feel free to print off our coupon and present them to our receptionist. This offer is available to all first-time clients when coupon is presented at your initial visit. 

Call for an appointment and WELCOME!




Receive a 20% DISCOUNT when paying in full at time of discharge! This offer is ALWAYS active! 
(When paid in full at time of service)