Negola's Animal Care

6420-B Dobbin Rd.
Columbia, MD 21045


About Negola's Animal Care in Columbia, MD

About Negola's Animal Care in Columbia, MD


In April, 2017, Dr. Negola opened a well-established, full-service veterinary hospital with services and facilities designed to assist in  routine preventive care; early detection and treatment of disease, and complete medical and surgical services as a Diplomate, ABVP  certified Canine and Feline Practice. 

We provide a state-of-the-art surgical suite, intensive-care units with monitoring cameras, and a digital x-ray system. Our extensive  in-house laboratory and well-stocked pharmacy reduces the wait time between diagnosis and treatment. 




We have the latest equipment:

  • Olympus fiberoptic scope with monitor
  • Ultrasound
  • EKG
  • Radiographic imaging
  • ICU/nebulizer units
  • Respirators
  • Endoscope with retrieval and biopsy capability (with color monitor and still picture recording)
  • Dental unit
  • Doppler blood pressure monitor
  • Pulse oximetry monitors (Sp02)
  • Electrocauterizer
  • Laparoscopes
  • Laser
  • and more!


Most of our lab work is performed in-house:

  • All chemistries
  • CBC
  • FeLV
  • FIP
  • Heartworm Test (4Dx)
  • Triple Feline

Most of the lab machines we operate are IDEXX.


At Negola's Animal Care, we offer diagnostic, surgical, dental services, and more!


Dr. Negola is also certified with the US Department of Agriculture which enables him to provide you with international health certificates. 

Se habla español. 

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