Negola's Animal Care

6420-B Dobbin Rd.
Columbia, MD 21045


Our Staff

JoAnne Negola: (Administrator)

Having been twice called back from retirement, JoAnne has liked staying in the background having helped open and manage five veterinary practices. Her position as administrator has allowed her to delight in lots of wonderful cats and dogs, enjoy many interesting and exciting pet owners, and cultivate world-class veterinary teams. Still, she's just as happy at home enjoying family and planning entertainment (such as tea parties) for friends.

.Geri McCarthy


Kim (Medical Receptionist Supervisor):

Kim started working for Dr. Negola on April 16, 2001. When she is not at work, Kim enjoys spending time with her granddaughters or cooking and baking. Whenever she gets to break away, she goes to North Carolina to work on her retirement home. When Kim retires, she will take Damon (the hospital parrot) with her to North Carolina.


Geri (Hospital Manager)

Geri started at Negola's Animal Care in April, 2021.  She enjoys being around the animals and hopes to adopt a puppy one day soon as she has experienced a recent fur family empty nest. She has two wonderful adult sons, is active in her church community, and has a side interest in theatrical make up, which she gets to practice in local community theater.

Elvis (Medical Supervisor/ Lead Veterinary Technician):

Elvis has nine years of experience in the veterinary field. He started working for Dr. Negola in 2014, at Dr. Negola's previous practice.  Elvis lives in Frederick, together with his wife, their two sons, and two beagle-dachshund-terrier mixes. Whenever Elvis has some extra time to spare, he likes to take his children to the park or play video games. 

Lisa (Medical Coordinator / Lead Record Technician):

Lisa started working for Dr. Negola nearly 20 years ago and recently decided to join his team once more. Lisa and her husband also live an hour-drive away from the practice. They are also the proud parents of two pomeranians. 


Desiree (Associate Administrative Assistant):

Desiree recently joined Negola's Animal Care, and has been a wonderful addition. She currently resides in Columbia with her 3 sons, and their houseful of animals. They have 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 birds and 6 reptiles. To say they love animals would be an understatement!





Lidya Hernandez (Housekeeper):

Lidya has been working for Dr. Negola for more than 16 years. She is the one who is responsible for keeping our hospital nice and clean, and she is wonderful at it! Lidya originally is from Mexico, but currently lives in Gaithersburg with her husband and their cat named Tigger.



Damon (Hospital Parrot):

When Damon's first owner passed away, Dr. Negola decided to adopt him. Ever since, Damon has been the hospital bird. He entertains the staff with his whisteling, barking, meowing, answering the phone, etc. Kim is his favorite person, and he is ready to move to North Carolina with her. Damon's favorite food is a Mcdonald's Cheeseburger.