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Anal Glands


Why does my dog scoot or drag his rear on the ground?

The hair around the anus may be soiled, if not, then the anal glands are probably over filled.


What are anal glands?

These are two mucous secreting glands located next to the anus, one on each side.


What is their function?

Wild dogs and wolfs use them to mark their territory. The function is lost in the domestic dog.


What happens when the glands cause a problem?

The neck of the gland is long, and since the anal gland has no significant muscle power to empty itself, the mucous secretion may dry in the neck and form a plug. The gland continues to secrete and build up pressure since the exit is blocked. That’s what makes the dog feel uncomfortable.


Will the gland rupture?

If the pressure builds up without relief, the gland may break open to the outside in the area next to the anus. Many times infection in the gland will accompany the mucous build up since the closed sac acts as good incubator for bacterial infection.



Dr. Negola will determine the proper method of treatment. Possible treatments are:

  • Anesthesia to relieve pain;
  • Lancing of the area to relieve pressure by drainage;
  • Cauterization of the area.

It may be necessary to apply medication into the wound area on a daily basis until healed. A program of treatment will be outlined for you during your visit.